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Montessori Kete is an online resource center for New Zealand’s best kid’s materials and learning stimulus based on the Montessori Philosophy. The Montessori Philosophy is a method of education that is based on collaborative play, hands-on learning and self- directed activities. More importantly, our uniquely designed educational kids’ materials support the complete development of the child as they progress from birth to adulthood.  

We provide kids Montessori educational materials and resources through our NZ online retail store to help make the Montessori method more accessible. Our materials enhance your child’s education based on five Montessori Principles; respect for the child, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, the prepared environment and auto education. More importantly, our exquisite Montessori materials encourage the child to develop observational skills through five key areas of learning: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, and culture. There is no doubt we can provide you with the finest Montessori educational materials and resources in New Zealand.