Our Whānau Team!


I am a mother of two children - Halo and Kyzae, who have inspired me to manage this online business. Halo attended the Montessori House of Children in 2018 when we lived in Hamilton. It was not until we moved back by our whānau in Turangi where we were exposed to the different early childhood education approaches and missed the connection with the Montessori philosophy. Additionally, the waiting lists for early childhood centres were massive. Therefore, with the help of my mother and sister in law, we wanted to see how and where we could incorporate the Montessori philosophy into my children's lives in our hometown. This is because the Montessori philosophy aligns so well with Te ao Māori which recognises the connectivity and interdependence of all living and nonliving things. It is based on a holistic approach that seeks to understand the entire system rather than just portions of it. Hence, why we fell in love with the Montessori Philosophy. 

It was not long from when we first moved back home that we went into the first COVID-19 lockdown and Kyzae was still on the waiting list for early childhood education. Coincidentally, my mother in law came across this beautiful Montessori online store for sale. From this, Montessori Kete was created! We are still on a learning journey with this philosophy, however, I endeavour to continue to learn about it with my tamariki and provide these materials to you and your whānau to the best of my ability.


I am an aunty to Halo and Kyzae and I have the privilege of watching my two beautiful niece and nephew grow up. I am studying a Bachelor of Oral Health and have a passion for helping my community and whānau. With that being said, when I first heard about the Montessori philosophy I absolutely loved learning about the culture and how it uniquely supports the development and growth of our tamariki. Therefore, It is my honour to be a part of this beautiful online store and philosophy in hope to deliver and provide you and your tamariki with these educational materials. 
"Within a child lies the fate of the future."
- Maria Montessori