Knitting Helper


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Our beautiful knitting helper is perfect for the cooler winter months. 


Easy to use and specially designed for small hands, the knitting helper creates a long, knitted tube which can be used as trims on slippers or dolls clothes, or curled around and sewn up to make a placemat or coaster or other objects like purses, etc.

Simple, easy-to-follow instructions with images are provided.

To knit a cord: Put the end of a wool thread down inside the tube. Wind the wool twice around one peg. With the hook, grab the bottom loop and pass it over the top loop. Work from the outside of the tube towards the centre. You should now have a knot. Continue by winding the wool around the outside of all four pegs twice and using the hook to lift the bottom loop over the top. You can change the colour of the wool along the way to make interesting patterns.

To finish a cord: Wind your wool around the next peg counter-clockwise. Do the same with the next peg until you go around all the pegs. Use the hook or your fingers to lift the bottom loop over the top loop, into the middle of the tube. Do the same with all the remaining pegs, then start winding again. When you are done, cut the yarn a few inches away from the spool. Drop off the single loops over each peg towards the centre. Take the dangling yarn and pass it inside each loop and tighten. Make a knot to secure the cord.

Please note, wool is not included.  


The knitting helper is 11cm long.


3-4 years +