Thermic Tablets with Box


This set includes a wooden box with six compartments containing two tablets each of six different materials.


The Thermic Box contains different materials that when touched, provide different sensations of temperature. This material is used to stimulate the child's ability to discriminate thermic qualities.

  • To help the child develop a special facet of the thermic sense, which allows one, by touch alone, to distinguish between materials with different capacities to conduct heat. 
  • Dense materials, such as stone, steel or copper, conduct heat very well and feel cool to the touch, since they draw heat off our skin rather than reflect it back. 
  • Pourous, organic materials, such as rubber, wood or felt, conduct heat poorly and feel warm to the touch, since they reflect body heat back against our skin, rather than draw it off.  Surfaces that feel cool to the touch are generally perceived to be different in composition from surfaces that feel warm.



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